Monday, January 14, 2013

My Life In Ridiculous Photos

I realized that the last time I did a ridiculous photo-dump was way back in August!! Yikes! I feel like there's going to be quite a few images to go through here, so press play on this lovely background music and hang on to your butts.

"Love Today" - Mika

Way back in August my sister and I went to Alabama for a friend's wedding. I may have shared some of these pictures before... I can't remember.

I really just liked the name of this wine.

I bought a mini-wedding cake cupcake mold. It did NOT work out well. 

My apartment complex repainted my door... Wasn't sure how to proceed. 

I went to Austin for a recruiting trip. I've always loved this mural on the wall of a video store!

This is another weird one I always make a point to go see.

Posted in the women's restroom at the basketball stadium. Think about what this is really saying... Now you're laughing.

Eileen took me to an Aggie game!

They're a lot louder than you'd think.

This was posted up in the post office. It amazes me how many grammatical errors could be in such a short phrase. 

I have a bunch of pictures on my office wall. One day I was looking at my screen when I felt a creepy presence watching me. Then I saw Curtis's picture out of the corner of my eye and nearly crapped my pants because I thought it was coming from my mirror and the person was really standing right behind me. I still haven't moved this picture and it still startles me at least once a week.

Netflix really got into Halloween this year.
I'm not separating out the license plates this time.
FOR REEL?? Do you think they're trying to highlight their love of fishing? 

ACL 2012

Ridonk group of protestors on the UT campus. Who irons anymore?

I haven't figured out what this is saying. Is it a name? Or is this person.. on a ray? Of what? Sunshine? 

I made Almond Joy cupcakes. Ain't nuthin funny bout that.

There's literally only 3 parking spaces at my apartment and THIS DOUCHE took up all 3!!!!! 

MMMM. Beeeeeer.

From this point forward I swore to always read every warning sign I came across. 

Maybe they really like the band?

Last-minute Halloween costumes! All of these items were in my closet. That's normal.. right?

Donna has an extremely large Harley...

This was some super special limited St. Arnold's batch of beer that was brewed in an old whiskey barrel for added taste. Apparently the flavor they were going for was "moldy feet."

This Sasquatch swallowed my brother.
 My parents just sold their house, and while I was moving all of my stuff out I came across a few things that people had given me ages ago.

Check holder from a Cheeburger Cheeburger located in Madison, Alabama.

A blow-up Justice League punching bag.

I grew this! It died soon after.

I don't think I'd post a request for tickles that any weirdo could see and take me up on...  Also, how do cars tickle?

Proper CD sorting is key.

Nothing says Rock N Roll like a minivan filled with screaming kids.

A much more addicting form of Reese's.

We were watching a college bowl game. And then this happened.

Parked in a church parking lot. Obviously.

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