Friday, June 15, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 29 Inspired by the Supernatural

Almost finished with this challenge! I'm so ready to do some summery designs! I'm thinking sunflowers...

Today's challenge is inspired by the supernatural. Being a lover of terrifying show and gorgeous men, I'm a huge Supernatural fan! But if there's anything I've learned from that show, it's not to fuck around with the supernatural. So instead of drawing some crazy symbols on my nails and getting possessed by a demon, I'm going with a more tame version - Goosebumps! I was never allowed to read these books when I was little (mostly because my parents were hardasses back then. They have since become doe-eyed, sappy, rule-less parental units with my siblings). So I actually know nothing about them other than I'm sure I would have loved them 10 years ago. Maybe now? Anyways, at some point in time, I remember seeing a friend of mine reading one of these books with an awesome holographic cover. I tried to find a picture, but the internet failed me. So you'll have to pretend with this one.

Since I still really liked the holographic idea, I started with a base coat of Sally Hansen Crystal Ball.

I wanted to add a little more pizzazz to this, so I put on a layer of a glow-in-the-dark polish. I'm not sure if you've tried to take a picture in the dark lately, but it's harder than it looks. Excuse the blur.

Finally, I drew on the green ooze with Nicole by OPI One Time Lime.

And here they are in the dark!

I'm going out to a couple bars tonight, so I'm looking forward to a bunch of questions about why I have terrifying, oozey, glowing nails.

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