Wednesday, August 21, 2013

KB Shimmer Totally Tubular

Back on land! To celebrate, I'm having a Veronica Mars marathon! I'm also trying out some new KB Shimmer polish I just got :] I'm really loving this turquoise with the pink and blue glitters! I'm not sure who started making circle glitters, but I am a huge fan.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Darling Diva T.N.T.

I'm currently in the middle of a Veronica Mars marathon! It is actually ridiculous how many episodes in a row I have watched today... I felt like a super lazy bum, and I figured that doing a little nail work would make me seem more productive! I'm not sure if this counts as work, but now I feel a little better about myself :]

I tried out one of my new Darling Diva polishes - T.N.T. I'm pretty smitten by it! It's a black jelly with green and gold flecks. It's a little tough to see the colors, so I took a bunch of different angled shots. I might have been singing the song the whole time.