Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cheetah/Leopard Nails

This week I miiiiiight have ordered like $700 worth of stuff for my apartment online. The packages have been arriving in droves, but apparently the delivery guy can't be bothered to actually bring them to my door! Instead he just drops them off at my leasing office. As a result, the staff think that I'm a psycho obsessive shopper. At least they remember my name now...

I've never really been an animal-print kind of person. But I felt like giving cheetah/leopard nails a chance. I'm not really sure which they are. Both animals look the same kind of spotted to me... This look actually turned out to be really easy and took me the least amount of time to do!

1. Orange base coat.

I used the Longhorn Burnt Orange shade for this one. It's pretty much the best orange on the planet. I was a tad sloppy this time, but it doesn't matter too much, since you're still going to add some lines and top coat.

2. Half-circley black lines and blobby white lines with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens.

You have to wait forever for the orange to dry first. If you don't, the nail art pens will dig holes into the polish. I didn't wait long enough. But I think it turned out ok anyway.

3. Clear top coat and clean up the edges with a Q-tip and polish remover.

I'm considering buying a set of tiny brushes to use instead of the pens. I don't think they work very well, but I suppose they'll do in a pinch.

Next week I'm thinking fruity nails of some sort. Lemons? Watermelons? I haven't decided, but I have a feeling that it'll be a lot more work than this one.


  1. do watermelons!! that way they're pink and green =D

  2. oh and how do I comment on the hottie of the week?!?!?! b/c he is totally hot

  3. haha i don't think this site allows hottie comments, but yes, he's quite the looker!!

    yeah, i'm thinking watermelons or kiwis. i'd need brown polish though..