Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall & Football Nails

This weekend the bestie came to visit!! I forced her to let me test out all of my new nail stuff on her. Since college football is starting up (Hook 'Em!) and it's supposedly almost fall (109 degrees...) we went with that.

Longhorn Nails

Mine were really boring/simple.

Base coat: UT Burnt Orange (from the Co-Op)

White polka-dots and clear top coat

Dot maker! It worked really well!!
Fall Nails

For Laura's nails, we tested out the Konad nail stampers! Since she has strangely small nails, I just used part of the stamp (one leaf instead of three).

Base Coat: Pure Ice Orange

Konad plate.
 The plate looks a little smeary because I was playing with it. We used the leaves in front. I bought a set of 20 plates from Amazon for $20 or so, so they're really not too expensive.

Konad Special Nail Polish - White
 Ok, so once the base coat dries, you paint the "special" polish onto the stamp that you want and use the little metal scraper to scrape off the excess. Then gently/firmly roll the stamper across the paint. Make sure that you get the whole image, and then roll that over your nail.

Scraper and stamper.
Once the stamp dried, we decided to add some gold dots. - just for the heck of it. Once it all dries, apply a topcoat of Sech Vite, and you're done!


  1. Thanks for making fun of my tiny nails haha

  2. lol i didn't think they were that small, you just kept saying so