Monday, January 9, 2012

Good Golly, Miss Molly!!

Here's my excuse(s) for not writing a post in... a while. First I was on a farm sans internet for a week. Then I came back to work and didn't want to look at a computer after I got home. Then this weekend I cooked up a storm for a football party I'm hosting tonight.

Since I didn't do much in the past few weeks, I'm just going to show you a lot of pictures of me doing nothing. Hooray! Hopefully they're a tad interesting.

This is what Illinois looks like. All of it. Everywhere.

My Grandma ALWAYS has Sunny-D. And it is glorious.


This is Indiana, vastly different from Illinois. Obviously.

We drove through a windmill farm.. Look closely, there's at least a dozen.

They're everywhere!

This is the house I lived in till I was 11. It used to be blue and have more trees.

Best gyro in the world!
Here's the ring I'd buy Laura Tully, if I was a rich girl nana nana nana...

Found this at my uncle's house. Pretty sure he's from the 70s.

Found this in the attic.

Grandma's new cat. Much nicer than the old one!

View from the farm.

I tried 1000 times to get a picture of this dog! He's really pretty! Unfortunately this is the best I got.

This is where my sister, cousin, and I went to watch the UT bowl game. Yup.

None of my little cousins even knew what this game was! 

My New Years nails.

This game was created by Satan.

See what I mean?

So weird. And so good.

I actually did this this morning. Why I get the warranty on headphones...

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