Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mermaid Nails

1. I have pictures from last week that I totally keep forgetting to post. 2. I wasn't going to post these at all, since I didn't think they were very exciting. But! I've had about 5 different GUYS comment on them in the past couple of days. So here they are!

I actually did way more work than I needed to for these - they're like 4 layers. The first was a shimmery green from Sally Hansen. The second was a blue/green/silver mix. The last two were two different types of glitter - the green one from the OPI Muppets collection, and the blue one was just one from Claire's. The picture is a little weird, but to me they look like a mermaid's tail. :)


  1. Your nails are always so pretty! Whenever I try to paint mine, the nail polish ends up on the floor...on my ankles...on my face...