Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools the Internets!

I love April Fools Day!! When I was little I would try and prank my sister on a regular basis, but on April Fools Day I'd crank that shit up to 11. They were really horrible pranks, but they still managed to scare her. Teehee.

This year, most of my favorite websites have had some pretty sick posts.

My favorite, and most unexpected one so far, is from Netflix. They've added a ton of incredibly ridiculous and specific genres, making fun of their already ridiculously specific genres. So far I've gotten these two, but Huff Post has a pretty good list of them

Google has a bunch of different pranks this year. Google Maps "Treasure Mode" actually looks amazing, and I could see myself using it for sure. 

I checked it out and played around a little bit. If you zoom into Street View, they made it sepia colored and like you're looking through an old-timey looking glass!

Regular Google could not be upstaged by Maps, so they announced their latest innovation - Google Nose (Beta)! Now you can smell the internet!

Not to be left out, Gmail announced it's completely renovated, yet exactly the same, Gmail Blue.

YouTube (owned by Google) announced that, like Google Reader, they'd be shutting down YouTube at midnight. They explained that YouTube was originally launched as a way to find the best video on the internet, and that they'd review all of the submissions and announce the winner upon the site's relaunch (featuring only the winning video) in 2023. Again, Huff Post has all the deets. Google Reader users were not amused.

Pajiba has joined in the fun by posting ironic flashback articles, all of which had me rolling on the floor laughing. So here are some links with recaps.

Christopher Nolan Foolishly Casts Heath Ledger Over Paul Bettany as The Joker In Batman Begins Sequel

Dustin Rowles morns the horrible decision Christopher Nolan has made in casting lovable Heath Ledger as the most psychotic Batman villain.

Will 2003 Be The Year Of The Comic Book Movie?

TK projects 2003 as the year that comic book movies make a comeback, noting the premieres of Daredevil, Bulletproof Monk, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and HULK - just to name a few.

Thanks A Lot, Paris: Brandy's Brother and Bruce Jenner's Stepdaughter Make a Sex Tape

Courtney Enlow scorns Paris Hilton's semi-unknown BFF Kim Kardashian for following in Paris's sex tape footsteps. She notes that America will never again be fooled into making a celebrity out of a slut.

We're All Alone, No Chaperone: A New Era of "Doctor Who"

Cindy Davis attempts to explain what on earth Doctor Who is and why people should give the reboot a shot.

Dark Days Ahead: Last Place NBC Renews Lowest Rated Show On Television

Dustin Rowles scoffs at floundering NBC for renewing the worst rated show on tv - Cheers.

An Exclusive Visit to the Set of David Fincher's Fight Club

Amanda Mae Meyncke gives us a glimpse of her awkward behind the scenes interactions with the cast of Fight Club.

Pajiba Love’s Outside Is Catching Up With Its Inside

Seth Freilich gives us his top news articles floating around the barely-developed interwebs of 1987. He writes about "some Austrian thing called Red Bull" that "tastes like herpes" and his hatred of those "god damned Simpsons shorts" that everyone keeps insisting is good.

Honorable Mentions:
Hulu announcing they'll be launching new shows including: MILF Island and Inspector Space Time.
Twitter launching Twttr, a basic service that allows users to only twt consonants.

International Business Times also has a pretty sweet summary article!!
Also, Pajiba has been adding more and more articles. I can't keep up!

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