Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I first saw this polish on Chalkboard Nails a couple weeks ago and totally fell in love. This is Floam, created by Nail-Venturous. Remember Floam???

I wanted to have this stuff so bad!! But my mom would never buy it. It could do so many cool things...

Floam is not to be confused with Gak, which was more of an ooze than a squish. Anyway, now I have my chance!!! I had to use approximately one zillion layers, and I'm 100% positive that this will be impossible to remove without cutting off my fingers, but I am happy nonetheless. If you'd like to get a bottle of your own, check out Ninja-Polish. They're sold out right now, but they restock fairly frequently, so just sign up to get an email.

Look how floaty it is!!!!

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