Thursday, May 31, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 23 Inspired by a Movie

I am an Amazon freak. No, I do not mean the giant jungle women (shout out to Xena and Wonder Woman!), I mean the amazing website on which I spend all of my money. Every month or so they send me an email about "Artists on the Rise" and then give me a free album with a song from each person they talk about. I'm always on the hunt for a new favorite, and this time Amazon really helped out! [I actually just noticed that they have a new Blind Pilot album on there for like $8. Gah, now I have to buy it.] One of the awesome guys they promoted was J.D. McPherson. This guy sounds like old-school 50s/60s rock (back when it was rock-n-roll!)!! I'm seriously in love, so feel free to rock out to a few of his tunes while you look at my lovely fingers. The third one is actually a sweet video - look at that bass!

Today's challenge is inspired by a movie. I've already done a couple movie designs (which I think are way better than this one) so this time I decided to make 101 Dalmatians nails. I used a blobby-looking stamp to make the puppies' spots, added a red tape line for the collars, and  put a little orange dot for the tags. For my thumb I used a little pawprint stamp (kinda like the footprints they left in the snow!). Now I really want to watch the movie! Unfortunately I'm watching a horrible reality show called The Catalina, waiting for Rookie Blue to come on. *SIGH*

I won't lie, these were cuter in my head. Buuuuuut oh well. Now I know.

China Glaze White on White, Essie Licorice, Essie Action

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