Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Life in Ridiculous Photos

Good lord, I've gotten terrible at posting stuff. It'll get better. Next week. This week I'm swamped!! Tomorrow night my sister and I will be piling into my car and driving to Alabama for our friend Danielle's wedding! I'm super pumped, since I haven't been back there since high school. Hooray! An added plus to this roadtrip is the fact that we will be spending the night in Hattiesburg, Mississippi - home of the Wrangler-wearing, tractor-driving Brett Favre. Could I be more excited? Nope.

I'm hoping to take a lot of awesome pictures along the way (and in Alabama, of course). Just to get you in the mood for this awesomeness, here's a bunch of weirdo things I've come across in the past month or so.

Someone added bleacher seats outside of my apartment's fence. What are they looking at? 

Albinos have meetings at work.

These terrifying ducks were attacking two guys eating lunch outside. Rather then help shoo them away, I took pictures.

I went boating with my parents, and my mom suggested I wear this hat.

What is going on with this duck's head?! 

At dinner that night, they served butt-rolls.

I've never seen more disgusting vodka flavors.

Jordan and I went to Cheesecake Factory, and he managed to find the girliest drink on the menu.

And he loved it.

In celebration of Comic-Con, I bought a Boba Fett hoodie! 

I was browsing through my Olympics app and found this incredible profile picture for Michael Phelps. Did they take the picture right after he got out of bed? This is the official picture! 

Tonight I WILL do something cute with my nails. I had to wait a little bit, since I chipped half of my nails doing a triathlon. I also have to pack and clean my entire apartment... Wish me luck.

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