Monday, August 8, 2011

Persistance Is Futile: Crackle Edition

I've been so busy!! I think the only time I was home the past couple weeks was to sleep. But I can't complain too much, since I spent the rest of the time either working or partying!

This past weekend I got to hit up Drunkie Bingo, Washington Ave, St. Arnold's Brewery, and the White Linen Festival. If you don't know what any of these things are and live in the Houston area, get your Google on and find out ASAP!

Last week at work was soooo slooooow. So I miiiiight have spent some time shopping on Amazon... But the results are awesome! I'll talk about one today. And hopefully I'll get the second one up and ready to talk about soon. Gotta buy some screws...

For the past few months, I've been attempting get the Shatter/Crackle nail look working. Unfortunately, if you put it on too thick it won't crack, but if you put it on too thin then it just looks weird. GAH! One of the things I bought last week was a 6-pack of China Glaze Crackle (confusing, since Sally Hansen also has a Crackle line). The colors are really cute - pink, blue, black, grey, white, and purple - and seem to be thicker color-wise than the Sally Hansen version. Plus I got 6 of them for $17, so it was a pretty sweet deal.

Step 1: Apply base color. The base polish I used for this is kind of a weirdo one. It dries really fast, but very unevenly. And it's not shiny. I hope you know what kind of polish I mean... it's hard to describe, but they're just cheapo ones. They work just fine if you add a clear topcoat pretty quick. But that's a tale for another day. Anyways, let your base coat dry. Like really dry. If it's a little wet, the Crackle layer will grab the bottom one and make it look really weird and clumpy.

Step 2: Don't use purple. I've tried 2 different brands of purple Crackle (one by each company) and neither one of them has looked good. They're too thin, plus they don't really crack. Not sure why, but I plan on figuring this sucker out, since I now own TWO duds.

Step 2b: Remove ugly polish and start over. This is the Sally Hansen one, btw.

Step 3: Apply Crackle! I wanted to test them all - so I did. Since I'm still not a pro at this, I'll just tell you what seems to be working. Apply Crackle in a medium-thickness layer - not a layer that you know you're going to add another to, but also not a really thick one that looks like it'll never dry. At first I was a little worried about using really even strokes, but apparently this didn't matter either. Actually, towards the end (fingers middle through pinky) I kinda just brushed sloppily and those actually turned out better, in my opinion.

Again, the purple one kinda looked weird. Also, I have to take pictures outside to make them look decent. Good thing it's 105 degrees out.

Step 4: Remove excess paint and apply clear coat once everything is dry. I actually didn't put a clear coat on mine yet. Mostly because I didn't want to wait for yet another layer to dry.

Just a heads-up, this week of work is looking a little IN-tense, but this weekend will be dull, so I'll be writing more soon. ;P

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