Sunday, August 28, 2011

Extreme Shopping and Strawberry Nails

Last weekend, I miiiiight have gone a little crazy buying nail supplies... Maggie told me about Konad (go look it up on YouTube) and I had to buy it immediately. I also got a bunch of brushes and other stuff I've been wanting for a while. This picture actually isn't even all of it yet... Some of it still hasn't been delivered... Don't judge me.

Since I got all of this awesome stuff, I wanted to do something exciting with my nails. I saw this video on YouTube for strawberry nails - and it was awesome!

1. Red bottom coat. - Confetti "The Red Carpet." I actually really don't suggest using this one. It's a really good color, but... it acts a little funny. It kind of turns your nails into crayons. If you rub your nail onto paper or something, the color comes off looking like a crayon. But it dries fast, so I keep it around.

 2. White leaves - Sally Hansen "All the White Stuff." Another reason not to use the Confetti red polish can be seen here. It gets kinda smeary when you put another polish on top of it. And no, I didn't try to rush before it was dry - I had had the red paint on for THREE DAYS already. Anyways, the reason for the white leaves is that it helps the green look better when it's on the red. If you try to put one color just on top of the other, it'll look dull and show the other color through it.

 I used one of my new tiny brushes to do this (and the green next). I definitely recommend getting some small brushes, since it's nearly impossible to do anything exciting with the regular brushes. This one is from Mash.

 3. Green leaves - Playboy green. Don't ask me why I have Playboy nail polish. I got a set of them for really cheap. Surprisingly, they work pretty well IF you put a clear coat on top. Anyways, just slop the green on top of the white. It's ok if you get some on your skin (like I always do) since you can just remove it later.

 4. Yellow seeds - Playboy yellow. For this one, the girl suggested using a toothpick, but I actually got a little metal-tipped thingy and used that instead. The toothpick might work better though, who knows. My seeds look a little droopy and sad. I don't know if you can tell, but I did this in like 15 minutes, since I had places to go. So... I only did one nail. I look a little dumb right now, I won't lie.

Here's the metal thingy. Just in case you're curious.

5. Clear top coat - Seche Vite. I finally got this stuff after talking about it for ages. So far I'm liking it!

Taking this many close-up pictures of my fingers makes me realize I need a manicure like ASAP.


  1. i DEMAND to know if the konad stuff works lol

  2. i plan on using it ASAP. perhaps tomorrow..? this weekend at the very least :D laura and kelley are coming to visit and i'm using them as test dummies. you're welcome to join in!

  3. You have no idea how happy your hot man of the week makes me!!!!