Monday, February 20, 2012

New Camera, Experimenting with Pictures!

My new camera got here today! It's a Sony Cyber-Shot something, something-or-other. It's better than my phone camera, that's for sure! 

While I'm at home, playing with nail polish and cameras, a bunch of my friends are in New Orleans! Little devils. Since tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, Tully suggested that I try and make some Mardi Gras nails. I totally made the most craptastic nails ever, but I didn't have time to redo them... *sigh* 

The colors I used

In other news, I've been brainstorming ideas for the 31 Day Challenge. The most daunting task sounded like the "galaxy nails." I looked at a zillion pictures of other people attempting this - and that didn't help. I found a few that looked a little easier, so that's what I went with here... I might try the harder one next time, since this really wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be!

Also, I'm still figuring out this camera, so hang in there folks.

In case you're wondering how to do this -

Use a base of either a black or a really dark blue. I did dark blue, since the black I wanted to use was MIA.. Note to self: find my black polish...

From there you kinda just... blob. Starting with a lighter blue, then yellow, red, and orange, sponge on the colors to create a galaxy-esque thingy. I used a Q-tip, but you can also use a makeup sponge. Finally, take a toothpick (or a dot-maker) and dot on some little white stars of various sizes. Tada! Not as bad as I thought. Next time I'm going to try and do some swirly nebulous things. Stay tuned for awesomeness.

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