Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Week In Ridiculous Photos

So I have a really sweet nail design on right now! But I don't have the pictures yet. I can hear your heart breaking. But I did do a bunch of fun stuff this past week! 

1. I got patio furniture! I have a fairly large balcony, and up until last week the only thing I kept on it was a cooler of beer and a wind-chime. Apparently this isn't very classy, so I found some furniture on the Target website. Amazingly, all of this came, completely assembled, in one GIANT box. I have no idea how they managed to get it up my three flights of stairs, since it was wider than them by far... I also couldn't fit it through my front door... After a lot of dragging and pulling, I got all of the stuff inside and set up.

2. Drunk Bingo has a chandelier. Apparently this has always been there, but I have never noticed it. Way to class it up!

3. Beer is more delicious when it's gigantic. I have my own liter stein, which I use at home, but they're few and far between when you're out in a bar. We went to a new bar last week, Bar Munich, and it was really fun! Not only did they have giant beer, but they also had giant Jenga and Jolly Rancher infused vodka. All of the world's greatest things in one central location!

4. Rodeo time! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Houston, or Texas in general, the month of March is unofficially RODEO MONTH. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a two week long event filled with music, food, animals, carnival rides, and cowboy attire. If two weeks of this were not enough for you, the two weeks leading up to the rodeo have approximately 230923 barbecue cook-offs and smaller concerts. On Saturday we went to the official BBQ cook-off at Reliant. Parking was outrageous ($20-30) but it was cheap to get in ($10). Unfortunately, 99.9% of the tents were invite-only. So we wandered around until we found free stuff. Eventually we found a tent with unlimited free BBQ and another tent handing out bottles of Jack Daniels mixed drinks. As amazing as that sounds, the drinks were way too sweet and the old man handing them out was way too friendly. But I drank my booze without complaint ;] 

Since everything is bigger in Texas....

5. Spring has sprung! Sunday morning at the ass-crack of dawn I did a training ride in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't too bad (maybe I'm getting better at this?) plus it was a really pretty day!

The money tree has some gigantic leaves. I'm slightly worried that they'll make it fall over...

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