Friday, February 10, 2012

Pseudo Valentine Nails

I hate Valentines Day. I have always hated Valentines Day. When you're little, you just give out crappy little pre-made cards with lame cartoons on them. Plus I never got to pick out which ones I wanted to give away. My mom always went to the store, bought 3 different boxes, and then made my brother, sister, and I duke it out. Being the oldest, I got the shittiest ones since the two little wieners would cry.

When you're older, you're supposed to give a gift to show how much you love someone. What a load of crap. When I pick out stuff, I always go for something I think the other person would want or need - not something that gushes cheesy romance goo. Non-romantic Valentines gifts are only appreciated years later when your ex calls you and tells you that whatever you bought them is now their favorite thing ever. Oh good.

Wow, I sound like an uber bitch.

In the spirit of tolerance, I painted my nails for V-Day, but I did it over a week ahead of time so that by the actual date they'd be chipped - or painted over with a lovely shade of black.

Mirror Shine (from my grandma), Revlon Top Speed Cherry, Nicole by OPI [Justin Bieber] Step to the Beat of my Heart
 This is another really easy one. I did two layers of Cherry, one sideways swipe of the Mirror Shine, and a topcoat. I was going to put the hearts on all of my nails, but after I did one thumb I decided it looked really weird...

I need to find more of these Mirror Shine polishes! They look a lot cooler in real life, btw - like a mirror!

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