Monday, July 4, 2011

I Are Couch Potato

Good lord, it seems like forever since I've been on here. I have a good excuse, though! Just started a new job, and this past week we've had events every day from 7AM till 11PM. Needless to say, all I did when I got home was sleep.

Update: I watched the US v. Mexico Gold Cup game! We lost... I'm having terrible luck with teams the past couple years. HRMPH.

So I've been trying to think about what might be interesting to write about. My life seems pretty dull right now - just going to work and attempting to unpack/organize my new apartment. Today (no work!) I managed to catch up on some tv! Since I'm a total tv junkie, I'm trying out all of the new summer shows. Perhaps I shall recap what I think about them? It's either that or talk about organizing my tiny apartment.

Rookie Blue - ABC, Thursday @ 9/8c
This is the second season of this show, actually, so I had to catch up on the previous one before I started watching it. But it was worth it! Especially for a summer show. Usually they don't last very long and are pretty crappily-made. But this one seems to be good enough to make me watch it even during the regular season. Quick recap - A bunch of rookie cops in Toronto doing cop things. When it first started, people tried to call it "Grey's Anatomy in the world of rookie cops," but that's a lie. [Just like how they tried to call The Deep End the Grey's of lawyer shows.] Not nearly as much sex and drama, and the characters don't have a lot of back-story yet. There is a bit of a love-triangle/rectangle brewing right now. I'm hoping it'll get a little juicier this season.

Combat Hospital - ABC, Tuesday @ 10/9c
Another Canadian show, except this one is about an army medical base in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 2006. I was a little thrown by the flashback, but I guess they're setting it a few years ago because they fighting was more intense then. There have only been 2 or 3 episodes so far, so not much has happened. As of yet, I'm not really impressed. The stories aren't as shocking or heartbreaking as I'd like, and the characters have no personalities yet. The main character(s) could die and I wouldn't care. It kind of reminds me of Off the Map (no one watched that one, I know) but not as funny. I have a feeling that this one might not make it, but I'm going to give it a season.

Franklin & Bash - TNT, Wednesday 9/8c
If you haven't seen a commercial for this yet, then you do not watch TV. I think there was an ad for it on pretty much every channel. Anyways, two lawyer best friends who like to take on ridiculous cases and do strange things to win them get hired by a huge law firm - Like if Shawn and Gus from Psych magically became lawyers. This show has huge potential! The guys themselves are hilarious, but their cases aren't that great. Weird yes, interesting no. This one might stick around for a while, just because the actors are pretty well-known. Hopefully the show's writing staff steps up their game a bit and comes up with some good case ideas.

Suits - USA, Thursday 10/9c
Another lawyer show. Yeah I know, but this one is even better. One guy is a hotshot lawyer who thinks he's the greatest and he takes on an ex-con genius kid to pretend to be a lawyer, since he's got the book memorized anyway. The guys are hilarious, the supporting characters are great, and there's already some potential romances. This one seems like it's got a better back-story to really flesh out the characters. I'll definitely keep watching this one.

Falling Skies - TNT, Sunday 10/9c
This show follows a group of survivors from Massachusetts after an apocalyptic alien attack. They're a rag-tag group that has put together a resistance to protect civilian survivors and hopefully figure out how to fight back against the "Skitters." What's kinda cool about this one, is that they can't just go out and slaughter all of the aliens. The Skitters have captured and enslaved thousands of children to fight for them. So, of course, the main character lost one of his kids and is attempting to get him back. Pretty good so far - I hate the people I'm supposed to hate and am rooting for the others. Apparently it's getting huge ratings, so I don't anticipate this one disappearing soon.

The Glades - A&E, Sunday 10/9c
This one is also in its second season, so I had to catch up really fast. I pretty much laughed my face off at every single episode, the main character is adorable, and there's a really cute love story going on. Recap - a cop originally from Chicago pisses off his boss, gets fired, and moves to Florida to work there. I definitely recommend watching this from the beginning. They were all on Hulu, but I think they just expired. It hasn't had a new episode in a couple weeks, so I'm kinda going into withdrawal. It better not have gotten cancelled...

Random thoughts:
- I am NOT liking the new look of Google Calendar. I feel like they downgraded to some old, crappy site now.
- Burn-bans stink during Independence Day.
- Bed Bath, Pottery Barn, and West Elm all sent me 10-20% off coupons in the mail! Not sure how they know I'm a new resident, but I am grateful.
- Just got onto Google+. Not so sure what it's all about yet... It's a limited release right now, but most people have figured out the back way to get people onto it. It's supposed to be something like Facebook, but I'm not so sure. This might flop kinda like Google Wave. Cool idea, poor follow-through.
- I'm watching Laura's cat for the week, and this morning he woke me up by head-butting me. And the entire time I've been writing this, he has been rubbing his butt in my face.


  1. I just howled with laughter about the cat comment at the end. I hope he's not driving you too crazy! Don't let him pee on your bed! Also, how good is Suits? I am SO GLAD you decided to watch the outrageously good looking men haha.

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