Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Inspirational Song of the Week: (There Can Be Miracles) When You Believe

I dislike Wednesdays. Historically, the television programming is really questionable, you still have two days of work left (although I only have one!), and time just seems to move slower. To get myself motivated to deal with the rest of the week, I typically get a really awesome song stuck in my head and just sing it when things are getting rough. I really want to start posting Christmas songs, but... it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. Instead, I'm digging into my wealth of animated movie songs, and whipping out a classic from the Prince of Egypt. This song may be too sappy for most (it makes me cry) but it's amazing nonetheless.


  1. It's never too early for Christmas songs. I've already celebrated Thanksgiving, so I think it is high-time for Christmas.

  2. I do believe this is a DreamWorks title, not Disney.

  3. Yes, it is DreamWorks lol. I really tried to make sure I didn't write Disney! I just tagged it at the end. What a ding-dong.

    Alrighty, Christmas tunes are coming out next!! *jiggity-jig he-haw he-haw*