Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Movie Marathon: Gremlins

Believe it or not, I've never seen Gremlins. I've heard a lot of jokes about it and I understand generally what it's about. I figure it's finally time for me to see this, and what better excuse than for my movie marathon!

I love '80s movies. You can always tell a movie is from the 80s within 30 seconds of it starting. They're usually super terrible and cheesy but there's never any irony about them! Everything is taken so seriously lol.

Alright, I've heard these three rules before. They really don't sound hard to follow...

1. Keep him out of the light.
2. Keep him away from water.
3. Never feed him after midnight.

Why did this guy HAVE to have it? I'm not seeing the appeal.

Ladies' sleeves are so puffy in the 80s! I'm really glad that went away. Dodged a bullet.

Is this horrible old woman supposed to be a semi-Scrooge? And who imports a Bavarian snowman? Leave the doggy alone!!

Oh hey, the step-dad (Neil) from The Santa Clause is in here! He doesn't look right without an ugly sweater. Still plays a snooty d-bag though. Nice to see some things don't change.

So were Furby's modeled after Gremlins? My Furby looked just like this guy. And they both kinda talk in nonsense words...

Oh jeeze, looks like the water really was a bad idea. Couldn't they get rid of all these suckers by throwing them outside into the sun?

Oh no!! This doctor is horrible!!! I was not expecting animal cruelty in this movie.

I'm liking all of the old timey movies playing the in background of the house. And where does the name Gremlin come from? No one has said it so far... Maybe I'm missing something...

WOAH. This is more violent than I expected. The mom is killing these in seriously horrible ways!! A food processor? A steak knife? The MICROWAVE?? How many of these things are there now? I feel like they've already killed quite a few....

Does the sunlight thing ever come back? I really think this is the solution. Come onnnnn sun! Or does anyone in this town own a flashlight??

I'm not gonna lie, I really like that these little dudes sing all the time. I think we'd be friends.

What a weird ending...

Recommendation time!



It's a decent movie to see once. I probably would have liked it more if I had seen it when I was younger. I don't see myself watching this again though.

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