Friday, October 21, 2011

A Weekend with the Besties!

I have just spent SIX HOURS attempting to fix my computer issues at work. On any other day, I'd be pretty upset about this. Today, however, nothing is going to get me down! In a matter of hours I'll be on my way to good ole' San Antone to hang out with the two loves of my life - Laura and Kelley.

I believe this is the most recent photo of the three of us. And that's sad, since I'm pretty sure this was last summer. Let's get on that, guys.

To say we have a strange relationship would be quite the understatement. I'm not sure what most people do when they hang out with their friends, but we drive hundreds of miles to eat tons of food, play games we already know who's going to win (Scene-It, Family Feud, The Newlywed Game, Packy Rummy, etc.) and watch the same two movies over and over together. 

Sometimes when we're feeling adventurous, we'll combine some of our passions. A serious amount of smack-talk has been going on for the past few years about one such combination - the intense game known only as Cheesecake-Cheesecake. This sporting event is not for the faint of heart - or those with a weak stomach. The object of the game is pretty simple - be the first person to completely finish your slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Easy? WRONG. The last tournament ended without a clear victor and all of the competitors covered in whipped cream. Could anything be more awesome? The answer is no.

I've got about one more hour of fighting with antiquated computer programs left, but all I can think about is putting on my stretchy-pants and hanging out with mi amores. Look out, San Antonio, cuz it's time for me to win some Family Feuuud!


  1. Just for the record, playing family feud with the two of you makes me furious haha

  2. not as much as the newlywed game though!