Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Day Nails

I've been trying to think of really crazy ways to do turkey nails. I had a grand plan to just have the body on my thumb and the feathers on my fingers, but.... that's way too complicated. Instead, I decided to just draw a turkey on my thumb and then add feathers to the fingers. Same general concept, without the confusion.

Please excuse the ridiculous lighting. This seemed to be the only way to get a picture of the turkey.

Making this turkey isn't nearly as difficult as it may seem!
1. Draw one large brown dot in the middle of your nail. This is the body of the turkey.
2. Draw one small-ish brown dot as the head. Put it where a head should go.
3. Use a toothpick to draw on the beak, gobbler, tail feathers, and feet. My feet look ridiculous, but it's time that you got over that.

For the feathers, I used regular red nail polish and one of my Konad nail stampers. You guys seriously should look into these. They're really cheap if you buy packs on Amazon and just use regular polish. My feathers were a little flaky this time, and I could have redone them, but.... they look kinda cool when they're not perfect.

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