Wednesday, April 18, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 6 Violet

Attention Earth-dwellers (and emissaries from distant planetoids) I'm finally really proud of one of my creations! I didn't make it too bland, and I didn't go too far. Huzzah!

Today's challenge was violet nails. I do not know what makes violet different than purple... are they the same? I feel like violet is a little lighter..? Someone explain the color wheel to me. Anyways, I used three different shades of purple today in order to potentially capture one that is violet. I was bouncing around other nail blogs and came across a tutorial for how to do a color gradient. Usually these tutorials just make me feel like a failure, but this one actually looked really simple. And it was!

The first step is to put a base layer of polish down. I used the middle layer (Revlon Top Speed Violet - violet!!) If you want it to come out a little lighter, you can use a white base instead.

Next, grab one of those makeup sponges - you can buy like 20 for $2 - and cut the fat end off until you have a smaller flat surface. It should be a little larger than your nail size.

Now apply the stripes of paint! I used liberal amounts, since it soaks into the sponge a little. Don't worry about being perfect, because you're going to blob it on anyway.

Side view - I made it a little less fat, too, since my nails aren't uber long.

Here's the fun part! Dab the sponge onto your nails. Do this a few times, moving it around a little, so that the paint will blend. I could have done a little more blending.. Here's a picture of post-sponged-pre-cleanup nails.

After a lot of scrubbing and the addition of a top coat, I came up with this!

The three colors I used: China Glaze Spontaneous, Revlon Top Speed Violet, Elf Royal Purple
Although just the plain gradient looked awesome, I wanted an accent nail. I added a layer of Wet n Wild Back Alley Deals.

P.S. Pottermore was released to the general public!!! Potions are really difficult.. but I'm having a blast and cannot stop playing.

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