Tuesday, May 15, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 18 Half Moons

Today is a much better day tv-wise. SPOILER ALERT: They finally won Nationals on Glee! I thought this was the finale, but apparently that's next week... they have to graduate, I guess. Of course something is going to go terribly wrong at the last minute to outrage me, but I guess that's what television is all about these days. I'm pretty sure no one out there still watches Private Practice (why would you, it's terrible) but I do. Right now I'm watching a character I dislike give birth to a baby without a brain - this can only end in tears, but hopefully my Glee-high will make it a little better.

In other news, I tried to buy the Sailor Moon DVD's today. Do you know how much they're charging for them???? I could buy a new tv for less!!! Luckily I can navigate the interwebs better than most and found a slightly less outrageous set AND a site with all of the episodes! Speaking of moons, today's challenge is half moons! These remind me of Drusilla's nails from Buffy. I think she was just crazy enough to rock them. I'm not sure if I'm quite on her level, but I gave it a shot.

Base coat: Revlon Top Speed Metallic
This isn't too hard to do. All you need to do is apply a base coat, let it dry, and then use half of a paper hole reinforcer to block off the moon. Tada!

Purple: Revlon Top Speed Violet

Top coat: Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat "Silver:

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