Wednesday, May 23, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 22 Inspired by a Song

In keeping with tradition, Glee's finale last night made me want to die, bawl my eyes out, and throw up all at the same time. Damn you, Ryan Murphy! I won't give away any spoilers, but if you haven't watched it yet you'd better get crackin' because people WILL be talking. Right now I'm watching SyFy's Alice, which is really weird.. but good! It's got the girl I hate from Private Practice (I mentioned her a few posts ago) but this character is slightly less horrible. This guy is by far my favorite character -

I keep forgetting that these SyFy movies are meant to be watched over the course of days, so they take up my entire evening. Ah well. It gives me time to paint!

Sorry this challenge is taking me so long. Sometimes I just need a few days to admire my handiwork! I was really liking my bright summery colors from last time, so I decided to do something similar today! Today's challenge is a design inspired by a song. I thought of a million different ones I wanted to do, but I ended up choosing "99 Red Balloons" by Nena. Here's the original German version, which I find to be a lot more fun to sing than the English one. PLUS it's 80's-tastic - big hair and embarrassing wardrobes all the way. Anyways, feel free to rock out to this delightful ditty while you browse my pictures!

I started with Ulta Mint Condition for the sky - no flash.


Then I used a dotting tool to make a variety of balloon sizes and add in the white shine blobs. Finally, I used a tiny brush tip pen to make the strings! The red color is "e-nuf is e-nuf" from Essie. Sorry the red kinda smeared... It doesn't look as bad in person.

Hopefully these don't look too much like 99 red sperms going by.

I went for a very cartoony balloon here. Me likes! 

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