Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pogo? Pogo!

Note: I definitely did a Pink Wednesday nail design for today, but I fudged it up before I could take a picture. But here's something cooler!

I listen to approximately one zillion podcasts throughout the week. I'm almost always at a computer, so I spend most of my time with one earbud in, listening to hilarious dudes talk about equally hilarious things. One show, Jonah Raydio, has a comedian (Jonah Ray) talking to a couple guests each week (usually people who've been in the music industry) while playing a bunch of songs he thinks are awesome. I listed to an episode a while back that talked about a DJ named Pogo who splices famous tv/movie clips into really catchy songs. I think my favorite so far is the Alice remix, although the Scooby Doo one is pretty sweet as well. Here's a few of the videos! Check him out on his website (doesn't he look adorable?) and YouTube channel.

"Alice" - Pogo

"Sugarella" - Pogo

"Scoobystep" - Pogo

P.S. The next holiday movie I'll be watching is Christmas Cupid.

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