Monday, June 11, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 27 Inspired by Artwork

I'm feeling extra artsy today! I think it's because I'm watching the Tony Awards from last night. Sadly, my life is not a musical. But I have a hunch that if I burst into song a little more often it might catch on. I really need to go see more musicals (they come to Houston, but no one ever wants to go with me...) so I can beef up my on-the-fly song writing.

Today's challenge is inspired by Artwork. A few weeks ago, I watched a Doctor Who episode where they go back in time and hang out with Vincent Van Gogh. It was actually a heartbreaking episode and it solidified my love of Van Gogh's work. For today's challenge I picked one of his the most famous paintings - The Starry Night. His work is simple, yet stunning. Here's my shot at it.

I started off with a dark blue base coat. This was probably a little bit darker that it should have been.You'd think with all of the colors I own I'd have something a little closer...

From there, I blobbed on white paint as the foundation of the stars and clouds.

Then I layered on each of the colors.. I won't take you through all of them.

I took pictures without a top coat just in case I ruined it all. I actually kind of like it without the top coat..

With a topcoat. I wish I had room to put all the little buildings on here. Alas, my nails are not that large.

I tried to make the big star a little bigger on my thumb. Second major thing I would have changed is the color orange I used. Too dark/reddish.

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