Tuesday, June 12, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 28 Inspired by a Flag

Movie/TV update: I watched W./E. today because I thought it was going to be a tragic yet cute love story. It was tragic, alright. The cute part not so much. I suggest this if you really want to hate yourself and others for a while. To make myself feel better, I watched a bunch of Merlin again (he's so cute!) and the ever-ridiculous bro-on-bro love of Franklin and Bash. I feel like I'm going to end up watching a lot of BBC America this summer. What happened to all the shows I liked last summer? Oh yeah, they were cancelled.

For today's challenge, I was supposed to be inspired by a flag. I thought of the obvious American flag, and then branched out a little with the flags of Ireland, Italy, France, and Germany (all places of heritage for me) but have you seen their flags? They're super boring and just stripes. Finally, a brilliant idea hit me -  the 2012 Olympic flag! I'm super pumped for the Olympics this summer. AND they have a pretty cute flag!

I'm not sure why the 2's look different. The second one looks a bit ridiculous. I made it look worse, of course..

Alrighty, I started off with a base of a pretty blue from Ulta and then used a striping brush to draw on the white bits.

I used another striping brush to do the red. This was a little tough, since the brush was kind of a fatty, but I think it turned out pretty well anyway.

Next, I used a brush-tipped marker to draw on the outline of the numbers.

Then I filled in the numbers and fleshed out the outline a little. Alllmost done!

Then I used the markers again to draw the Olympic rings. These were microscopic and tough to draw, but decent-looking in the end.

I mutilated that second 2. I really considered just making it like the first one... but I gave it a shot. Oh well. Te gusta? I actually really like these!

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