Monday, June 18, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 30 Inspired by a Tutorial

Does anybody else watch The Client List? It's actually a horrible show, but I haven't stopped watching it. It's supposed to be about a masseuse from Beau-frickin-mont whose husband runs away, leaving her with the kids and a pile of debt. She does what apparently all masseurs do when the going gets tough - starts dressing extra slutty and giving "happy endings!" These people have ridiculously stereotypical southern accents and strange close-minded feuds with salon-shop bitches. If you're incredibly bored and want to see Jennifer Love Hewitt's giant boobs on display, you should catch up on this Lifetime gem.

I love Japanese cherry blossoms! I actually had a framed Van Gogh poster of them in college. It now resides in my sister's apartment along with all of my other furnishings. Today's challenge is inspired by a tutorial. I found this one about how to do cherry blossom nails.

I used Ulta Mint Condition as the base and just random black, white, and pink polish - just use what you have!