Sunday, November 4, 2012

Calvert, TX

This weekend I drove up to Waco to visit my bestie Kelley and her new baby Hunter! On the way up there, I drove through Calvert, TX, a tiny cute town. I really wanted to stop and look around, but I wanted to go see Kelley more. So I stopped on my way back! I really wish I had had my camera with me, but my phone seemed to work better than expected! In these pictures I'm literally just walking down one side of Main Street taking pictures and then walking back on the other side taking more pictures. I really like all of the little painted wooden accents on everything! Old timey stores look way better then the ones we have now...

I had a grand plan to go through and line up the shots of the buildings from across the street with the close-up pictures... but that would have been a lot of work. Use your imagination!

P.S. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

I really like this mural.

This building doesn't actually have a roof any more. I didn't realize that until I got closer. Not sure what it used to be, but it looks fun!

Have you ever seen a cuter city hall sign?

Here's where the pictures of paint detail start...

And all of the pictures of me looking up at the tops of the buildings. It's pretty up there! I should be taller...

There was a weird Christmas theme going on in this town. Not sure if it was planned... you'll see more of it later.

I wanted to stop in this candle store! But I'm scared of people.

I think one of the signs I read said that these light fixtures were the originals from the 1800s and they just updated them when electricity became a thing.

There's lights along the roof!

This sounds like a chocolate place... I would have gone it, but 95% of these stores were all closed because it's Sunday.

I think there used to be a building between these two buildings, but now it's an adorable patio thing! They had really pretty flowers, but my phone failed at capturing them. And I was scared to go much closer to them in case some town-folk were watching me (they were) and thought I was being creepy (I was).

That big brown round thing was a fire pit.

View from the inside!

That building in the middle is one of my favorites. A lot of the buildings, especially these, had the years they were built on them. 1877! Sheesh!

I think the Oscar family must have been a big deal, because I saw their name a lot. Like on the top of this building.

I also really liked this building! You'll see another picture of it later.

More fun lights!

That big green sign is actually a chalk board! I was too short to write anything.

Stupid glare from the stupid sun...

This building (the former Masonic Hall) actually had people in it! I ran away.

I have a creepier view of this later.

Another favorite!

That wooden thing in the middle used to be a building, but.. now it's a roof and part of a door. But they were pretty bits!

*This is where I turned around and started walking back up the street to my car*

See? This random bit of building IS fun!

Right next to this art building was a fairly-hidden shady sitting area! most of the beams are actually planted trees.

Adorable, but covered up with ribbon for the election.

So I ducked under the ribbon!


Pretty sweet blue trim.

Continuing the Christmas thing... They actually had 2 more display windows of this.

I like the blue one...

These turds just HAD to be in the picture.

I think this is a really old washing machine. I took a picture of another one in a bit.

 See? No roof.

Pretty cool, right? I want to stop at some more when I can! Maybe I'll do some research next time. And actually bring a real camera.

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