Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Greetings from the Gulf!

I... have failed. I didn't post a Christmas song for the past couple of days, and for that I apologize. BUT it was Thanksgiving, so you weren't reading this anyway! So all should be forgiven :)

Right now I'm on a platform in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Everybody out here is extremely nice, and they're all at least a little bit... country. In honor of my lovely hosts, your tune for the day will be "Christmas in Dixie" by Alabama.

"Christmas in Dixie"

P.S. I had a small incident with a mystery guest in my room - taking my towel, using my shower, writing on my dry-erase board, and then leaving. No idea who it was, slightly creeped out, will keep you informed.


  1. It sounds like the mystery creeper from Moore Hill has both escalated his obsession and followed you... but those might be one in the same.

  2. Lol I dunno, I didn't seen any feets hiding under the door!!