Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Hunger Games: Smoke & Ashes

Finally! Everyone's favorite district - District 12! Obviously, this represents the mining industry in District 12. [Or Joined At The Seam, inspired by the Seam. Pretty much the same thing.] Last post I complained about how it was difficult to take pictures of Riveting. This one made me eat my words. This was seriously impossible to get a good picture of. And I don't feel so bad, since the other bloggers I've seen reviewing this color are having the same issues. Teehee. This black is accented with shimmery specks of blue and green, which is pretty unique and awesome! If only you could see it... Trust me, this looks way better in person.


Best pic. Still hard to see the green though..

I would like to take this moment to blame the quality of these pics on the fact that I took a picture of my right hand with my left. Blame, blame, blame.

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