Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Hunger Games: Mahogany Magic

Yikes! Sorry this has taken so long! I took these pictures eons ago, but then I went out of town for forever and a half. My bad, homies.

My pictures do not do this color justice. It looks a little more red-brown, for sure. This color is Mahogany Magic, representing the lumber industry of District 7. [Or Baker's Son, inspired by Peeta.] Different lighting definitely helps this color out, but it's not my favorite... I think I'm too pale to wear it...

No flash, indoor lighting. Best version of the color.

Sorry about the topcoat lines!

With flash. It looks kinda gross...

Truth be told, I don't really like this color. I have another brown already, and I like it a lot better. This one just looks weird indoors...

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