Friday, March 30, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

I'm obsessing about Disney movies lately. Nothing new, really. Today's obsession is Alice in Wonderland!! I wanted some crazy nails, and that's definitely what I got. I probably should have planned this a bit more, but I actually think this came out pretty well.

Cheshire Cat
The first character I tried to paint was the Cheshire Cat. I did a purple base coat then taped over where I wanted the stripes. Believe it or not, it took ages to find tiny tape.

This was the toughest one to do. I'm terrible at free-handing stuff, and somehow this bow just didn't want to work out. It looked good, then I played with it, and then it was terrible, so I fixed it again... now it's ok.

Queen of Hearts' Rose Garden
Ya got me, this is not a person. But it's preeeeetty! I feel like this one came out of the best - which is a minor miracle. I basically blobbed on paint, outlined with a sharpie, and hoped for the best.

Queen of Hearts & Card Guards
My card guards (pointer finger) are meh. The paint pen just wasn't working and ended up smudgie. And that's all I have to say about that. My Queen is a really sweet glitter I got a while back. Give me a break, everyone in Wonderland is stoned anyway.

Here's all the colors I used!!

Revolon Top Speed: Cherry, Violet, and Jelly
Ulta: Mint Condition and For Bitten
Spoiled: Ants in My Pants
Kiss Nail Art White
Nicole by OPI: One Time Lime

I think the next movie on my list is Snow White... Wish me luck!

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  1. These look awesome, but that is probably the most terrifying movie ever made...followed closely by Matilda.