Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games: Stone Cold & Luxe and Lush

This is the LAST of the Hunger Games swatches. I combined the last two into one post, because one of them isn't really a color... You'll see.

First we have Stone Cold, inspired by District 2's Masonry. [Or Joined at the Seam, inspired by the Seam.] If you can't tell, this is a matte. I was pretty skeptical, since I have yet to find a matte I like. But this one was cute! It actually really looked like concrete or something. However, it was a little difficult to apply, since mattes kinda clump and dry fast.

The second color was Luxe and Lush, inspired by District 1.. because it's luxurious..? [Or Flaming Gems, inspired by Katniss's interview dress.] The preview of this color has it over a light blue, and it looks really pretty. I could not get it to look pretty. I've actually used it over a bunch of colors so far. It looks really good in the bottle, but it's like a glue blob filled with glitter. I have yet to get it to look decent... So here's some trash to look at.

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