Sunday, April 15, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 3 Yellow

I should have gone a little crazier with yellow. Next time! I also forgot to take pictures until a day later, so they're a little beat up...


  1. How'd you do the white lines? And any good tips on picking a yellow that's vintage but still bright? :)

    1. I actually just free-handed the white lines this time. Kiss has nail art paint with really thin brushes.

      I have a really hard time finding cute yellows. For a while, every time I walked into a store I'd have to look at every single one they had trying to find a good one. Sally Hansen seems to have the best yellow selection. I like their #27 Mellow Yellow. The yellow in this picture is actually two colors layered. I used the Mellow Yellow on the bottom, and then added a coat of Sally Hansen HD #05 Lite.