Tuesday, April 17, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 5 Blue

Guess what!! I got a light box!! I think it's defective... but I rigged it up to work juuusst fine!

How it started off...


Today's challenge is blue nails. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time today making my brother's senior poster, sorting all of my polish, texting Kelley and Laura about how much we hate the tv show we all refuse to stop watching, and searching for Game of Thrones online... so I didn't get to do as much with this one as I wanted to.

Although I didn't do much, I also did too much. I should have stopped after the flower and let the glitters off. One day I will learn.


  1. I have the same light box hahaha

    1. really??! i'm fairly certain that they built mine wrong, because it does NOT fold they way the picture shows