Monday, April 23, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 7 Black & White

I have so many things going on right now!! First, my AC has been out for a week. My apartment complex has given me every excuse in the book about it... if it's not fixed by tomorrow, someone is getting a boot to the head.

On Saturday and Sunday I participated in the BP MS-150, which is a bike ride from Houston to Austin that raises money for MS research. I've been training for months, but I was still really terrified that I would die in a ditch somewhere along the way. Obviously, I didn't. After I finished, I was told it was the most brutal ride they had seen in like 15 years. We had a 15 mph head wind the entire first day. It was so intense that if you tried to just coast down a hill, the wind would push you BACK UP THE HILL. That made me want to die... But now it's done! Hooray!

Somewhere during the 180 miles of biking, I got extremely sunburnt, windburnt, and ---- I chipped a ton of nails. Ridiculous. Anyways, I did what I could to make this look decent. I was all psyched to do a stamping mani for this challenge, buuuut.... I had a rough day and took the easy way out. Forgive me.

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