Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Life In Ridiculous Pictures

It's been a while since I've dumped all of the pictures off my phone! Let me catch you up on what I've experienced lately...

The dumpster in my apartment is in a terrible location. This is not an uncommon sight.

The Voice comes on right before Smash, and it is the worst thing I've ever endured for 3 minutes at a time. For what seemed to be 5 weeks in row, Xtina wore this ridiculous disc hat. Just to annoy me further.

My friend Colby got married!! And I got an adorable name tag.

Jordan and I went to SXSW for a weekend. This terrifying human painted herself gold, put a fake baby in a frying pan, stood like a statue on a street corner, and wanted you to "give mama some $ugar." I didn't give her any, and she in turn gave me nightmares.

Approximately one block down the street from her was this longhorn bike. Although this was still terrifying, I did not have nightmares. I didn't notice the bucket labeled "Puppy's" next to it until later.

I didn't realize that The Library had a steering wheel. But I'm glad that we discovered it! We also had a lot to drink.

Further proof of excess drinkage. Jordan went up to strangers and convinced them to give him their giant glow-sticks.

I've been training a lot for the MS-150. April 21-22! Last Saturday I unhappily did 74 miles.

At a going-away party for a girl I barely know, I was re-introduced to her friend Jason-Statham's-Twin. Unfortunately, this was the best picture I could get without being completely obvious and weird.

For one of the training rides, I got to ride in the official BP MS-150 truck!

Smash is a weird show. This is their idea of a fancy restaurant in New York - terrifying faces drawn on the wall only add class.

Driving home from work one day, I encountered Jesus. Just walking down the street. 

I went to a training class for work, and THIS is where their valve testing facility was located. It was a good 2 hours away from other humans. I only narrowly escaped with my life.

On Saturday a bunch of hot air balloons were just flying around. If you look closely, you can see another one coming up in the bottom right.

ABITA STRAWBERRY!!! I was fairly convinced that I had missed out on this delicious beer for the season, but my wonderful mother found some for me!
And there you have it!!

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  1. hahahaha ah the faces in the restaurant in Smash made me shout with laughter when I watched it even though I had already seen them in the photo you texted me.