Sunday, April 29, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 9 Rainbow

On Friday I trekked up to College Station for my sister "Puddy"'s ring dunk! This is the one Aggie tradition that I'm jealous of. I feel like I should throw my ring in a pitcher and chug it just because it's bad-ass. She had a pretty decent time (1:18) even though she ignored my advise to drink a shitty beer like Bud Light and went with Shiner Blonde Light. Who does that? Bleck.

Back to nails. The other day I came across a tutorial about doing "blow dry" nails, so I thought it would be a good idea for today's challenge - rainbow nails! The basic idea is to take polish, dump a bunch of polish thinner in it, blob it on, and then use a blow drier to spread it all out and blend it. I completely failed at this and gave up after 2 blobs. Instead, I kept using the tinned polish and just blobbed it on with a brush. I think it came out ok. You can definitely see where I went to grab something and smudged a few nails.... but not it just looks more blendy. To me, this looks like something I made in 2nd grade with watercolors. I could never actually paint something other than a blob with watercolors, and I'm not really sure how anyone else manages.

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