Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Skyfall Collection Part 1

Before we get to the pretties, let's talk about the shitties. 

Last Thursday I went to work super pumped about ACL and the amazing time I was going to have with Jordan. The night before I had woken up randomly in a ton of pain. But since I'm tough I just went back to sleep. I had a meeting with my boss that morning, and part way through I just felt like crap. I let him know what was up and that I was going to go home sick. Since it was still only 8:30 in the morning, the traffic was ridiculous PLUS the main road I was on was down to one lane. It took eons to get home, and at one point I was sure I was going to die in my car. I called my mom and we trekked over to the hospital. After 7 hours they narrowed it down to a kidney stone. Really?? Isn't that just for old people? Apparently this sucker was huge and they wanted to keep me around all weekend, but I just grabbed some pain pills, belted out a rousing chorus of "Fuck You," and headed home to pack.

ACL was still great even though it was a little rainy and hot. The TX/OU game... let's not talk about that. Fortunately I came home to a box filled with the new OPI Skyfall collection! I had only really planned on buying a couple of them, but I really couldn't make up my mind. 

I haven't had time to use all of them yet, but here are pictures of the first four. These don't go in any particular order, just what looked cool. And they're a little sloppy...

Live and Let Die

Tomorrow Never Dies

Casino Royale


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