Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Into Autumn Challenge: Halloween

Did anyone else watch the debate tonight? I felt like I had to watch, even though I usually can't stand these things. But I'm actually glad that I watched! I won't go into detail, since it's snoozeville to discuss. Instead I will show you some sweet nails.

Today's challenge theme is Halloween! I actually plan on doing a bunch more Halloween nails, so these ones aren't too intricate. I just needed something to get me through the debates (90 minutes). I finished with 2 minutes left!

I got a bunch of new polishes, and I used one of them today! This is from the OPI Holland collection - A Roll In The Hague.

Then I slapped on some spiderweb stamps! This is the first time I've used this stamp, so I'm not an uber pro. But they turned out pretty well. Next time I'll see if I can avoid the random tears..

I don't usually show my right hand (since it always looks like crap) but today I tried out another one of my new polishes that I kinda think goes along with the Halloween theme! First I used a (sloppy) layer of OPI Did It On Em because I was worried that the other polish wouldn't show up very well. You'll see why.

My other new polish is Morning After by 2 Chix Lacquer. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally like this color for some reason. It looks like fizzy beer puke! Why do I love this? Maybe because I've experienced a lot of fizzy beer puke in my life? Next time I want to skip the bottom color..? It made it look lighter than I wanted. And the little green pukes didn't show up very well. Maybe a darker green?

Ya see the fizzy beer pukes? Yup.

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