Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall into Autumn Challenge: Cloudy Days

After a lot of consulting with my moral compass, Laura, I have decided that the next two designs in the fall challenge will be retroactively applied to two posts I did earlier this month. Basically, I'm just retagging those posts because I don't want to do the same thing over again. If you'd like to look and the apple designs and my school spirit nails, you can check those out now. :]

Now we can get to the fun stuff!! Today's challenge is "cloudy days." Weirdly enough, today was actually a super cloudy day in Houston. I know because I sit next to a window all day - from sunrise to an hour before sunset. I don't usually associate cloudy days with the fall (isn't it more of a winter thing?) but I guess today's weather proved me wrong. Houston actually has ridiculous random storms that roll through in the summer/fall, so my nails are storm clouds! If I did this again I probably would leave out the lightning, although Laura assures me that it looks awesome.

Colors: Essie Smokin' Hot, Revlon Top Speed Metallic, Rimmel London French Ivory, Milani Yellow Whiz

Since Laura was such a good sport about me forcing her to watch the Bears/Packers game tonight, I did her nails too! She specifically requested polka dots, and I think these turned out pretty cute! They look a little like turtle shells!

Colors used: Essie Smokin' Hot, Revlon Cloud, Revlon, Jelly

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