Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Life in Ridiculous Photos: Vanity Plates

I'm not sure if normal people do this, but I always look at the license plates of the cars around me. My old roommate Maggie was a freaking beast at finding plates from faraway states (Hawaii, how'd you get here?). I, on the other hand, like to find ones that say weird stuff. Most of these are poorly thought out vanity plates. I'm not sure if they meant to pay hundreds of dollars for people to laugh at them, but that's what's happening here. Give these gooses a good gander while you grab an earful of some Gaga and giggle gleefully. 

"Vanity" - Lady Gaga

I guess the second "T" cost extra.
Not a plate, but still a fashion statement? 
Makes me want to get ENGNR on my car. Wait, no it doesn't.
I like to think that this guy works with compressors all day. But German ones.
I only took this because I had a friend named Geoff, and we'd all pronounce it G-Off to make him mad.
I'm not positive what they're going for with this one, but I think it's "Tittay MMM MMM." I guess the turd-colored rapist van wasn't making enough of an impact with the ladies.
Continuing with the boob obsession. Te-tees? This makes me think of "On the count of 'teat!' TEAT!" 
Transformers, robots in disguise! 
This is a little blurry, but the license is actually AGGEES. Aggies spelled incorrectly. Irony.  
Is there an EBAY Jr.?
I am both delighted and saddened by this plate. On the one hand, there's "3 T-Sips" in the car (Longhorn fans). But T-Sip is an Aggie attempt at insulting UT for sipping tea instead of fighting in WWII. I don't know, it makes sense to them.

The rest of these aren't plate-related, just weird/awesome cars I run into.

This van must be a time machine from 1974 coming to bring the youth of today some psychedelic swag from yesteryear. 
Sorry this is dark, but this is all glassware, marbles, bottlecaps, bongs, porcelain dolls, etc glued I-Spy style to a car at Wal-Mart. Can you spot the plastic lizard? 

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